11 Ways PHCN Frustrates An Average Nigerian

Socdaily Staff
Socdaily Editor

11 Ways PHCN Frustrates An Average Nigerian

1. When Nepa restores power for few seconds

"After shouting Up Nepa?"

2. When there is no power supply for a long time.

"Is this life"

3. When they restore power after a long time and take it after a few seconds.

"Are these people ok at all"

4. And then restore and take it back.

5. When they bring bills even though there was no power.

6. When they ask for bribe to fix technical faults.

"2 thousand naira for what"

7. When you are trying to watch a scene or iron your cloth and they take the power.

8. When they give you power as low as candle light.

9. Or the current is so full, it burnt all the bulbs.

10. When they restore power just after you left the house.

"I have been waiting for this thing since morning"

11. When they take power as you are getting home.